We suply everything our members request!

What do we do

Commercial Supply Store is a wholesale business specializing in procurement and delivery of any construction related supplies, equipment sales and rentals. We purchase anything that our members request, through our network of manufacturers, distributers and suppliers. We can provide any legally obtainable product available on the world market and supply it to our members.

  • We locate the products
  • Negotiate the costs
  • Purchase the products
  • Supply the products to our members
  • Bill the member on a Net 45 pay schedule

Our Members

The Commercial Supply Store Network is a members only network.
In order for a business to become a member it must meet the following criteria:

  • Annual purchases of at least $1 million
  • Business Registered in the US
  • Responsible individual who will be a personal guarantor for the account (must meet minimum standards of 760 Credit Score. Debt to Income Ratio based on requested purchase volume)
  • Business must have been in business a minimum of two years

What do I need to do to apply:

If you would like to apply to become a member, you must email us the following documents at :

  • Articles of Organization/ Article of Incorporation
  • Last two years of corporate tax returns
  • Last two years of personal tax returns for the responsible individual

Once we receive these documents a representative will contact you to verify the information and set up the account, if all criteria is met.